Mapa da Cachaça releases the cd "National Beverage"

  • Publicado 11 anos atrás

Alessandro Corrêa is a talented musician and composer who joined a group musicians from Brasilia to create a musical map of cachaça. The construction of the repertoire can be understood as a kind of journey through the regions where cachaça is produced in Brazil. All the songs is the cd are musical genres typically from these regions. To assist in identifying these regions, the musicians used the research conducted here at Mapa da Cachaça.

The disc has sambas like Dorival Caymmi and like Estacio de Sa. Milongas, frevo from Pernambuco and Carnival songs also make up the mosaic.

An example is the music Dendezeiro (Faz-Xodó), a tribute to the musicians’ style Dorival Caymmi, the band makes a reference to the relationship between the cachaça and palm oil used together in religious offerings. And Faz-Xodó is one of the numerous synonyms of cachaça.

Another popular nickname for cachaça is Bicadinha, which gives the name of another song in the cd “National Beverage”. There is a making of showing the backstage of this beautiful Brazilian cultural product.

“The ideal is that the disc is heard accompanied by a quality cachaça” jokes Corrêa, “but can be enjoyed anytime.”

“National Beverage” brings, besides compositions by Alessandro (one in partnership with Celso Araujo), two songs from guitarist Roberto Corrêa (there is no relation between them, although both are from Minas Gerais) and the accordionist Ferreira Júnior Baiano.

If you are interested in the work and would like a copy of the CD, send an email to us at [email protected]

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